Bowel movements are good for you

Why is it important to have normal frequency of bowel movements? Let’s look at the situation from the poop’s stand point. On average a person goes poop once a day. Sometimes every other day, it could all depend on that person’s diet and how much they eat in a given day.

But if you haven’t gone poop in 3 days then you’re probably constipated and that means it will be more difficult for you to go once you do have the urge. The reason being is that the longer poop stays in your body, the harder it gets. This often leads to pain and discomfort.

To help alleviate constipation, try taking Pure Colon Cleanser. This all natural supplements works by encouraging your body to get rid of the bulk that is in your colon, also known as poop. This supplement has many key ingredients that help promote a healthy and regular bowel movement.



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