Corn cleans you out!

For dinner, have some corn! In 2010 Yahoo published an article that talked about foods that help with constipation. The first one on their list was Whole Corn Kernel. Here’s what they said.

Whole Kernel Corn is amazing. It’s one of those super foods that moves through the body like a brush. It brushes the colon freeing it from any material that has begun to clog and prevent it’s free moving capabilities. With a little work from the body by using a minute portion of the interior of the kernel, the remainder performs a job like no chemical based colon cleanser or detox pills advertised or on the store shelves ever could. Eat corn on the cob or frozen or canned whole kernel corn and watch the results after a few days. Your body will love you for it.

If you still need help with your constipation, use Pure Colon Cleanser.


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