Foods you can eat that will help with constipation

You’ve heard that eating more leafy greens can help promote a healthy bowel movement. Well it is true and for the most part it does work. Here’s a suggestion that can help supplement the work that Pure Colon Cleanser is doing for you.

For dinner, have a HUGE salad. Complete with mushrooms and all sorts of vegetables. Make sure your dressing isn’t dairy based like ranch, but have a vinaigrette instead. Then for breakfast, have a large cup of coffee. If you didn’t know, coffee acts as a diuretic and helps a person have a bowel movement.

Within an hour after drinking your coffee, you should be able to have a bowel movement. When you do, you’ll see, yes you can look, that your waste is mainly comprised of the salad you had for dinner. Nothing works better than the combination of vegetables, coffee and Pure Colon Cleanser to get you moving!


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