Vegetable consumption for constipation

One of the best ways to relieve constipation is to eat more vegetables. Having uncooked broccoli by it self or in a broccoli and raisin salad is amazing. After a few meals of just this one terrific salad with a glass of water or even a cup of coffee, you will be moving almost effortlessly. Broccoli is a member of the family of cruciferous vegetables. Once it hits the colon and intestinal walls, the slime and mucus begins to be pushed out of the body helping the removal of all other waste as it eases through. Most people who cook broccoli overcook it. Therefore the recommendation is to eat it raw allowing your body to become accustomed to this cancer fighting mega food.
If you’re still constipated, Pure Colon Cleanser will do the trick. Start off with a dosage of 2 pills. If that doesn’t do anything, up it to 4 pills. Then you’ll be back on track!


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