Certain foods can constipate you

Hmm, a direct relation to the food you eat and constipation


If you didn’t know, but the foods you eat has a large influence on how constipation affects you. Basically if you’re eating foods that came out of a box or has been overly proccessed, those have little to no fiber in it, then you’re setting yourself up for constipation. People don’t realize that eating breads, meats and sweets have very little fiber. You need some fiber to fill in the bulk in your colon as well as helping to clean your colon out.
The best thing to do is make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, eat more vegetables and when you do have meal, make it something where you actually have to cook it from scratch. This will ensure that you’re getting quality foods in your body. Don’t be fooled by fast foods, those have a ton of preservatives and very little fiber. Stick to good ole’ home cooking.

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